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4 Signs of Parents Too Hard on Children

Parents often face a dilemma when caring for children. For example between implementing regulations with strict sanctions or giving space for children to argue. Did you experience it too? Come on, check again whether Mother's parenting pattern is suitable for children. There are always times when children don't do things the way parents want them to. For example, do not want to spend food, do not want to go to school, or do not want to do homework. If this happens frequently, should it be strict by punishing it? Check Parenting Disciplining children is important, but there still need to be rules and limits. If you often wonder if the parenting that you applied to your child is too harsh, the things below can help you answer it. 1. Only praise the child's best results Does Mother only praise the Little One when her achievements are perfect? If you only give praise if you score 100 or when you score a goal in a soccer match, you can assume that you only love him whe
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Why Menstruation Is Not Organized After Marriage

After marriage, menstruation suddenly becomes irregular. This may be confusing, especially for newly married couples who want to have a baby soon. Do you also experience it? Instead of being confused, let's find out the causes and how to overcome them! Irregular menstruation occurs if your menstrual cycle is less than 21 days or more than 35 days, or if from month to month your cycle varies. This condition is experienced by some women after marriage. Researchers found that irregular menstruation is associated with various changes experienced after marriage. Changes Experienced After Marriage After marriage, you may experience various changes, both physically and emotionally. This condition can make your periods become irregular. Below are some possible causes: 1. Honeymoon blues There are times when a couple feels tired and some symptoms of depression after marriage. This situation, called honeymoon blues, could be the effect of wedding preparations that take up a lot of t

Important Ways to Prevent Cervical Cancer by Women

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer, it is often not preceded by typical symptoms. Therefore, it is important for women to know what can be done to maintain cervical health. Come on, find out what can be done. Cervix or cervix, a cylindrical network that connects the vagina with the uterus. The cervix plays a role in producing mucus that protects the uterus, and also helps fertilization occur. Given the important role of this organ, it is also important for you to know how to care for the health of the cervix. Maintaining Cervical Health Not only adult women, preventing cervical cancer can be started as a teenager you know. Let's see the steps: Get an HPV vaccination since teenagers Women infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) can develop cervical dysplasia. If you are infected with a type of HPV virus that is classified as high-risk or high risk, then this condition can develop into cervical cancer. This is the importance of carrying out the HPV vaccine as a preventative